Due to our relationships with artisans across the world, we’re able to provide custom options for the majority of the brands we carry. Our mission is to provide an exceptionally personal experience for our clients. We pride ourselves on our ability to facilitate one-on-one interactions between our clients and the talented artisans with which we work. Our trunk shows are a one of a kind opportunity for customers to meet and interact with our talented artisans first hand.


Spigola by Koji Suzuki

Japanese Bespoke foot wear


November 15th, Shanghai showroom
November 16-17th, The Armoury Pedder



Neapolitan bespoke trousers


November 19-20th, Shanghai showroom
November 21-22nd, The Armoury Pedder



English bespoke ties


November 23-24, The Armoury Landmark

For further details on our trunk shows or to make an appointment for one please ask a member of staff inside.